avantgarde pop music

Our page is about avantgarde pop music, but why is this term even relevant? Don’t we have enough terms already?
In most reviews and artist-interviews you get the feeling hat cramping music into terms is bad. Music is free and it should be treated as free. What striked me though, is that you hear this “fuck genre categorization” – attitude predominantly from artists who produce the most exact stereotype music. Funny, ain’t it?
How does this hallucination of non-classification comes about? I don’t know and don’t want to bother. What I know though is that there are only a handful living producers who really deserve the description of “hard to categorize”. The real pioneers so to speak.
I like genres and categorization. A genre can provide a sense of a mission, a strong team spirit. Working together on one good thing.
Avantgarde pop music is some kind of a meta-genre.
* entertaining
* sophisticated
* emotional
* new & fresh
* complex (because of it’s radical freshness. There is no objective complexity. Everything you are not used to seems complex for the first time.)
* mind-bending
* liberating
* …
But why calling it “pop”? Isn’t pop stupid, commercial music? The core of pop is it’s accessibility. You can “get” the music. You can be entertained and even get addicted to this music. Pop in the sense of “The Beatles” & “Bob Marley”. Not the 21st century plastic piece of capitalism-generated-automatic-factory shit. That would be the genre “shitmusic”.
On this page we will concentrate on the instrumental side of avantgarde pop music though.

Let me tell you one anecdote of a key moment in my life to explain the meaning of avantgarde pop music:
One day on a school trip I heard this strange, mystic, crazy music from a neighbor room. It was like a magnet for me. I had to go there and listen closer. This music was like something I never heard before. I couldn’t really understand it and at the same time I could… It was overpowering me and making me excited, even nervous. It was so fresh I felt kind of dirty, like it was prohibited to listen to it. At the same time I felt pure joy. I won’t tell you what it was, but it was definitely avantgarde pop music.